Beautiful painting by
Josephine Wall

Harmony Of Souls

We are a group of men and women 
who have created web pages 
for the enjoyment of others 
as well as our own therapy. 

We believe we can each do
our own small part, 
in the way we treat 
 to make this world a better place
for all.

We  have a private, members only section,
 where we can post messages
of importance or concern,
 or maybe just leave a big smile
 and a hug for the next member who comes in.

We will form "Embassy's"
 as we grow, and they
are needed. 
Each member must be important,
 not just another number in a ring.
His or her voice is important,
this is all of ours, our ring.
There is a place for everyone,
a contribution we can all make.
We  require you to be active.
 to join one of the Embassies.

We do have a grievance committee
and I urge anyone with a problem
 to contact the web mistress, Aradia

when you feel a problem is developing.
Don't wait until its out of control.

I want to stress two things very strongly.

1. The  email address of all members is confidential. It is not to be acquired then used for mass mailing.


 The members only area will be password protected, and that password is NOT to be shared with non-members.

Any member who violates either of these
rules will be removed from the ring immediately , with no warning. 


We are very easy going,
 and one of
the friendliest groups on the web.
We ask only that you treat each of us
exactly as you want to be treated.

We are an "Invitation Only" group,
invitations by our members.
If you have been invited
and are interested,
believe you would like
to be part of our group,
please go to "Next" below.